A New Approach to Homework and Support

Amidst all of the advanced technology, and plethora of electronic diversion that offer misused and abused escapism, it has become common place for children to be easily distracted from any task completion if it doesn’t offer immediate satisfaction. Often times, this can dissuade children from performing at peak levels academically as they become falsely entitled from practice elsewhere.  They become unmotivated, disorganized and as a result their grades begin to suffer. Homework, task management,  and any task completion become a battleground in their mind. 

The Founder of Sapphire Studies has been successfully working with students in helping them achieve their optimal results for over 19 years now, and comes highly recommended. Although each child is individual in their own success, we do our best to respectively support and help them acknowledge the merits of their own hard work through basic principles.  In addition to our proficiencies that mainly lie in the Math, and Science subjects of all grades, we have also provided support in all other academic areas as well.

As teenagers, everyone is different and their individual personalities do skew their priorities. We at Sapphire Studies  feel that we have helped them round out their overall perspective towards academics by helping them harness their respective strengths to achieve the best in their individual abilities. It's hard not to put your heart into all of the students as they become part of your weekly lives, and helping them achieve success -albeit, at their own levels- becomes an attitude rather than a mission. We've career coached many students, so our sessions are fun, interactive, and progressive. We will not imprudently promise to have results after only one session, as much of the work is up to the individual student, however, we have helped students leap beyond their own expectations and achievements to do well in all aspects of academics, and their lives.

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"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Nothing clicked, and my test scores were terrible. Sapphire Studies provided me with the clarity I needed, and showed me how to learn from my mistakes. My grades have increased by 30%, and it's all because of Sapphire Studies"

Ian W.

"...an excellent instructor. He is more than a tutor, he is a coach. He is dynamic, knowledgeable, helpful, and interactive. Through teaching, he demonstrates a solid understanding of all concepts. He also provided a lot of additional information that was very helpful. Finally, he is very willing to help beyond his sessions (and beyond what is probably required from him) which is noteworthy.  Personally, he does have a passion for teaching that comes through in his lessons. As a teacher myself, this is just as important as being knowledgeable and really makes the lesson enjoyable."

Anonymous Parent


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Sapphire Studies  provides homework support for all subjects in all grades. With an emphasis placed on the core subjects, there really isn't anything that we can't do.

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Paradigm Shift 

First Principles Approach to Education that helps improve the entire student, not just the subject at hand.