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Sapphire Studies believes every student has the ability to learn. They just need strong tools and a powerful mindset. Our expert instructors help students achieve their full academic potential.


Premium Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Our personalized tutoring programs empower your child with self-confidence. We offer both one-on-one and group coaching to mentor every child on their journey to academic success.


Elementary tutoring programs

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The single most important building block for elementary learning is confidence. Sapphire Studies helps students tap into their hidden strengths and charming personality traits, creating more outgoing confident personas that are more engaging in the classroom.

High school tutoring programs

High school brings a lot of new — a new school, new challenges, new curriculum, new social statuses, etc. Sapphire Studies provides a safe learning space to help your teenager work through complex problems so they become more confident and more outgoing.

Post secondary education and beyond

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Development journeys don't come to an end by completing high school. Sapphire Studies teaches new or upcoming grads how to prepare for the real world with post-graduate coaching services, resume writing skills, and interview prep programs that empower youth to excellence.

Life Coaching & Mentorship Services

We use the concept of "falling forward" to teach learning opportunities from setbacks and empower everyone to achieve their full potential.


Plant the seeds that create new opportunities for growth.


Create a winning mindset that teaches growth from setbacks.


Use your newfound confidence to create your new life.

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Our teachers are grateful for Sapphire’s energizing presence and sound instruction. Our relationship with Rahul has just begun, but it is evident that his commitment to serving students and their families is of the upmost importance. Rahul brings his full complement of passion, energy, determination and respect to all opportunities to support students in their learning.




The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Rahul, Founder, Sapphire Studies

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