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What we stand for at Sapphire Studies

We are a world-leading remote academic service provider of personalized education and support. We provide virtual one-on-one coaching to help children practice what teachers preach in a precision based manner.

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E-Learning Services We Provide

The Steam Engine Approach to Learning

Custom education programs

We believe that every child requires a learning plan built to their unique needs. Our experienced teachers work in collaboration with students, parents, and teachers to build programs that play to strengths and improve weaknesses.

Confidence & empowerment

Children must feel confident in their own abilities to learn new knowledge and apply it practically. Our programs empower children to become masters of their own fates so they develop the skills to steer their own trains.

Safe learning environments

Every child needs to feel safe in order to open their minds and expand their skill set. Our educators are more than just teachers; we're mentors who provide a safe space to ask questions, discuss topics, and share positive reinforcement.

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We love our students and they love us!

Passion, energy, determination, and a deeply rooted respect for children and youth create a powerful combination for empowerment and education.

Andrea Fanjoy

We chose Rahul because he establishes a personal, professional, and productive relationship with his students, including our son Judah, who loves his time with Rahul.


Rahul's ability to form a personal connection with Semaj and his remarkable talent at teaching simple concepts is superior to other academic support instructors.

Sharon Piper

motionball Partnership

Paul Etherington, Co-Founder and Chairman, Special Olympics

Let's create a custom education program for your child

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