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Sapphire Studies FAQs

Your questions, answered!

What can I expect from the Steam Engine Learning Program?

We build solid foundations and understanding in subjects.  We provide homework support for all subjects in all grades. With an emphasis placed on the core subjects, there really isn't anything that we can't do to support your child.

How will Sapphire Studies help my child learn and succeed at school?

Our Steam Engine learning program is built around task anticipation. We help students prepare for upcoming projects or exams, EQAO evaluations, ACT or SAT admissions tests, and general academic success. Ours is a proven formula.

Why should I place my trust in your online learning program?

At Sapphire Studies, we believe in creating a paradigm shift in regards to learning. We adopt a First Principles Approach to Education that helps improve the entire student, not just the subject at hand. We help children feel excited to learn new ideas.

More FAQs

I'm worried about my child's learning potential. How can you help them learn new problem solving skills?

We hear from many parents who worry about their children’s academic future. Sometimes, they feel guilty about being unable to help with homework. That's why we create custom learning programs tailored to each unique student so that we help your child reach their full academic potential.

My child struggles to comprehend certain subjects. How can you help overcome those challenges?

We believe that every child has inherent strengths that inform how they learn new information. We teach children to unlearn perceived weaknesses by creating academic programs that play to their strengths. This helps them to learn the curriculum in a manner that resonates with their unique style.

I'm worried about too much screen time for my child. Won't your program require more screen time?

Sapphire Studies uses screens to put pencil to paper. We teach children via screen software, but we ask them to write down all questions and learnings on paper. Putting pencil to paper connects the brain to the question in a deeper way, enabling the child to come up with the solution using critical thinking.

I want my child to learn multiple languages. Do you offer programs to support different languages?

We offer instructional programs to support ESL, FSL, and SSL programs to non-native English, French, and Spanish speaking children. Our purpose is to increase the language proficiency of eligible students so they can attain academic standards and achieve success in multiple spoken tongues.

Have Questions About Our Learning Programs?

Review our customizable academic support packages and select the plan that's best for your family.

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