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How Families Use E-Learning Tutors To Help Children Succeed

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Life As A Human

Education has always been the key to helping children learn fundamental skills for success. By learning things like language, mathematics, social studies, arts and science, a child’s mind expands with new knowledge and an openness for continuous learning and development.

In the era of COVID-19, education has, by and large, transitioned online to protect the health and well-being of children, while still enabling their development. However, there are some challenges to this format, particularly a lack of one-on-one coaching from teachers limited by social distancing guidelines.

For families with children struggling to adapt to e-learning, there are remote academic services with dedicated personalized instruction and support to provide children with the guidance and learning development they need to succeed. Additional support from one-to-one tutors and coaches enables children to better learn the subject at hand so that they develop greater understanding of how to interpret that knowledge and put it to good use.

Every student has the ability to learn

Tutors and one-to-one development coaches firmly believe that every student has the right and the ability to learn new subjects. What varies from student to student is how subjects are taught so that the basic skills can be applied in ways that they understand. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power; knowledge, quite simply, means different things for different people.

Personalized coaching = greater learnings

The education system can be very broad in terms of how subjects are taught to young minds. Sometimes, a child requires a more personalized approach to learning and development that plays to their strengths. When skills like the English language or the fundamentals of mathematics are applied to a child’s own personal interests, the basics are far more likely to be comprehended and put to good use.

It makes sense that more personalized teaching makes a greater impact for some children. As people, we tend to engage with more personalized content and businesses with ethical values that mirror our own. If personalization is that important to us in society, why shouldn’t that same requirement apply to children as they learn how to become functional members of that society?

Teach children how to become problem solvers

Life is full of challenges, big and small. We learn how to confront those challenges and find solutions that improve our lot in life. Whenever we solve a problem, we feel proud of our accomplishment and more confident that we can handle the next challenge waiting down the road for us.

Teaching children how to problem solve from a young age empowers them. They feel that same sense of accomplishment by uncovering solutions, and then applying them to tasks they need to complete. Problem solving is also a skill that indirectly expands a child’s mind. They feel a stronger urge to learn new skills so that they can solve even more problems.

Personalized teachers and collaborators believe in empowering students to use their minds and uncover solutions to sticky situations. They function as (socially distanced) coaches offering guidance, support, and encouragement to the child. But their guidance is to help the child think through the situation for themselves. When they can see the path forward, they can uncover the solution and achieve that sense of accomplishment.

E-learning and e-coaching to empower young minds

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the world has hunkered down at home to help stop the spread of the virus. However, education must still go on, which is why e-learning allows educators to continue teaching children through the pandemic.

Yet, there are limitations to e-learning. Teachers are unable to be in the same physical space as the children they educate, restricting opportunities for personalized coaching and development. That limits the ability for children to receive extra coaching, and how to learn to become problem solvers of their own.

That’s why families are turning to proven collaborative resources like Sapphire Studies to provide the e-learning one-to-one coaching that many children require. Their services consult with teachers, and offer opportunities for children to practice what their teachers preach in a precision based manner, and help instill confidence in young minds so that they are more prepared for what lies ahead in the real world.

Sapphire Studies has had proven success helping children exceed expectations. Many gifted young minds are capable of blossoming in all aspects of academics if they’re provided the right tools and the right coaching. That’s what services like Sapphire Studies provide so that every young mind recognizes and learns to achieve its full potential.


Education is what opens doors for new opportunities and great success. However, education is a very personal journey as no two minds are truly alike. The basics of language, mathematics, and other subjects may be universal, but how those skills are ingrained in young minds varies from child to child. Sometimes, a little personal support from proven coaches can make all the difference in helping a child become an exceptional student with a very bright future ahead.

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