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About Rahul Gopal, Chief Learning Officer of Sapphire Studies

About Our Founder

The man behind Sapphire Studies

Rahul founded Sapphire Studies on the belief that every child has and deserves the ability to learn. He's a game-changer in the educational space known for his ability to create customized educational programs that light a fire within his students and ignites a passion for consuming knowledge for years to come.


As a young boy Rahul learned the value of a sound education and the confidence required to succeed in school from his grandparents and parents, both of which were huge advocates for education. 


Fast forward a few years, grade ten to be exact. and Rahul’s passion for education transformed into a program, ‘Students for students’ that aimed to help his peers transition from grade eight to high school. From this very first program Rahul was hooked and knew this was a path he wanted to follow. 


Rahul loves seeing a child overcome with immense joy when they have an independent ah-ha moment. He deeply believes at his core and it’s been proven through his vast experience that  every child has the ability to learn, they just need the right tools. Rahul knows the importance of confidence-building and moving beyond the child’s comfort zone. He is passionate about rewriting the story and roles children have been cast in with regards to education and turning perceived weaknesses into strengths. 


All of Rahul’s students walk away with the courage and confidence to reach beyond their current grasp on education and to believe in themselves above all else. A powerful lesson not only for education but for life.

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