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Sapphire Studies Empowering Success Stories

Our Proudest Success Stories

Academic Performance Exemplified Through Success

Practicing the values of growth, empowerment, continuous learning, and peer to peer support. View the success stories and envision your own child's path towards academic excellence.

motionball: Leadership & Development

Learn how Sapphire Studies developed a leadership and development program to mentor special olympians across Canada.

Mackenzie: Learning How to Learn

Come along on Mackenzie's journey as she mastered the art of learning and developed the confidence to creatively problem solve.

Blyth Academy: Growth & Success

Learn how students at Blyth Academy were introduced to Sapphire Studies and the results that came from their experiences.

Oshioke: Confidence to Communicate

Explore Oshioke's journey from a shy and introverted demeanour into a more confident outgoing persona that thrives in the classroom.

motionball and Sapphire Studies

motionball and Sapphire Studies

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