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Our Services

Our Custom e-learning programs

Working in collaboration with children, parents, and teachers, Sapphire Studies experienced tutors develop customized learning programs tailored to the learning and development capabilities of each individual student. We uncover a child’s strengths and weaknesses, highlight gaps in their learning potential, and develop custom e-learning programs, customized to each unique child.


This allows children to learn material from the curriculum in a manner that resonates with their innate and natural learning style, thereby improving their ability to grasp the skills and utilize them to the best of their abilities. We reframe perceived weaknesses, and instill self-confidence in their ability to learn and process new information. Our online learning sessions are limited to small groups to help build confidence and ensure success.

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Areas of expertise

We support children at all learning development levels from kindergarten up to Grade 12, and we personalize our academic support programs to help each child reach their full potential. We provide support for all subjects with highly focused skill sets in: ​

  • English

  • Elementary Math

  • High School Math

  • Advanced Functions

  • Calculus

  • Data Management

  • University and College curriculum

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We also offer:

  • Post-grad coaching which supports students who are eager to expand their academic repertoire. 

  • Professional resume development to help produce resumes and cover letters that open doors

  • Preparation for the working world to act as voices of experience and mentors for the real world


Our customized tutoring programs are offered primarily online through e-learning. We offer:

  • One-on-one sessions 

  • Small sessions with up to four students and one tutor 

  • Specialized in-school presentations, training, and additional academic resources for groups of up to five. 

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