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Academic support services from Sapphire Studies

Our Academic Support Services

Importance of Academic Support

Working in collaboration with children, parents, and teachers, Sapphire Studies experienced tutors develop customized learning programs tailored to the learning and development capabilities of each individual student.


We uncover a child’s strengths and weaknesses, highlight gaps in their learning potential, and develop custom academic coaching programs tailored to each student's unique learning skills.

Student and teacher solving a problem in the classroom.

Areas of Expertise

We support children at all learning development levels from kindergarten up to Grade 12, and we personalize our academic support programs to help each child reach their full potential. We provide support for all subjects with highly focused skill sets in: ​

  • English

  • Elementary Math

  • High School Math

  • Advanced Functions

  • Calculus

  • Data Management

  • University and College curriculum

Student smiling at a fun virtual learning session.

Life Coaching Services

In addition to empowering children academically, we also provide valuable life coaching and motivational services. Whether coping with stress, seeking career guidance, or sustaining positive lifestyle habits, we can help you feel discover the inner confidence to make rewarding life decisions.

Our life coaching method is built around the idea of falling forward. It's a learning style that accepts failures and uses failings as opportunities to learn and grow. Throughout our lives, we're all bound to make mistakes. What matters is that we learn lessons from those experiences by falling forward towards growth-oriented solutions. It's through this growth mindset that we learn how to avoid making those same mistakes in the future.

At Sapphire Studies, we'll show you how to embrace falling forward and how to overcome obstacles in life through a combination of:

  • Hard work

  • Creativity

  • Dedication

  • Persistence

  • Resilience

  • Personal growth

Life coach delivering passionate motivational speech.

Ready to build your child's confidence??

Let's have a conversation and discuss how best to help your child reach their full academic potential.

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